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Reg Whitmore


Reg grew up in Boort, where he gained his qualification as a motor mechanic. He met Hazel at a barn dance in Durham Ox in 1951, before joining the air force, during which time he was stationed at Woomera rocket range, around the time the British rocket program was at its peak.
Upon his return to Boort in 1954, Reg started his own motor garage in Boort (Boort Motors), in the same building in which he had undertaken his apprenticeship as a motor mechanic, under the guidance of the previous owner, Ralph Stratton.
Reg and Hazel Married in 1956. Over the successive years, Reg built up a successful business with core farmers around the area, even dabbling in the manufacturing of lazer graders and field bins - A credit to his hard work.

In 1964 Harry Frampton approached Reg and Hazel with the offer to purchase his Leaghur school bus contract. With the financial help and support of a local farmer (the banks back then wouldn’t help with finance) who Reg had built up a solid rapport with through his work as a mechanic, Reg and Hazel purchased the run. Before long, in 1970 they purchased the Whychitella school bus contract, from Bert Rodgers. This was later followed by the purchase of Willis Nunn’s Quambatook school bus contract.

Over the next two decades, Reg and Hazel built up a strong bus business. With the addition of four more charter vehicles, Reg wound down the garage to focus on heavy vehicles and the bus business, laying the foundations for what is today, Northern Victoria's largest family owned company.
Tragically Reg passed away in 2002. His legacy is however very much alive and well in the company today.

Hazel Whitmore


Hazel was born in Durham Ox to a family of 7 where she spent her childhood on the family farm. In 1956 she married Reg Whitmore and moved to Boort. In 1964 together, they purchased the Leaghur school bus run, with Hazel driving full time for over 30 years, before retiring in 2008.
Over the years, Hazel successfully managed the financial and administration of the company, fundamentally shaping the way it is today.

Hazel has been an influential role model, particularly through her pioneering achievements for women in the bus industry.

Jamie Whitmore

Managing Director

Jamie started in the company around 1998, and gradually assumed responsibility for the company, in the years following Reg's tragic passing. Since taking the reigns, Jamie has grown the company from just 3 vehicles in Boort to what is now over 40 vehicles, operating across Northern Victoria.
Under his influence, the Whitmore Bus Group has become one of Victoria's leading, most innovative bus companies, with a focus on sustainable transport solutions.

Our Managers

No voicemails or automated answering systems, just real people taking care of people, and with pride in their high quality work.

Noel Woodman

Northern Operations Manager

Noel joined the company with the purchase of Manley's of serpentine in 2008. Since then Noel has been critical to the company's expansion and success, having developed extensive staffing, mechanical and safety processes, and integrated various policies and procedures company-wide. Noel's excellence and expertise can be traced back to an extensive history, with previous jobs at Mylon's Motorways, to even owning and operating his own furniture store. Noel's achievements are a credit to the effort, dedication and long hours he puts into his work.

Philip Robins

Southern Operations Manager

Philip has extensive history and experience driving heavy vehicles throughout the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia on tours and extended charter services. He started with the Whitmore Group as a route bus driver. In 2019 he became the Castlemaine operations manager. With the knowledge of his own personal hands on experience and outstanding customer service, Philip will put the company in good stead.


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