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Get on board and bus your bike

The Whitmore Bus Group is excited to be participating in Victoria’s first bike rack trial on buses. External bike racks have been installed on four bus routes across Victoria, making public transport more accessible for bike riders and bike riding more accessible for public transport users.

External bike racks are fitted to buses on Route 70 (Bendigo Station to Strathfieldsaye) Which is part of our Strathfieldsaye Transit operation.

The bike racks are part of a 12 month trial which will begin in April 2016.

Racks are fitted to the front of each bus and are safe, secure and easy to use. Only two-wheel, single seat bikes with a wheel size between 50cm (20”) and 73cm (29”) and up to a 111cm (44”) wheel base can be loaded. Bikes must weigh less than 25 kilograms.

Please note: Children aged 13 or under must be assisted by an adult to load and unload the bike from the rack.

Before the bus arrives, ensure that any attached items (bottles, pumps etc.) have been removed from your bike. Your bike must not have any front mounted accessories or objects that will obstruct the driver’s view. It is your responsibility to load and unload the bike from the rack. It is important to remember that drivers by legislation, are not able to assist you. As such we suggest familiarising yourself with instructions on how to use the rack, which can be found by clicking the following link.


The trial brings many opportunities to the region and closely ties in with Bendigo Council’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy (ITLUS). We encourage as many commuters as possible to take part in this exciting initiative!

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